A bloody miserable start to Tuesday stuck out in the estuary wilds.

Wet and windy, and so no swim, and no run either.


Anna buggered off to South London. The mad cat wouldn't allow me to follow.

No worries.

A day stuck indoors on work shifts and getting things done.

@RobertElms was fine mid-morning company. His new time slot is bedding down really well.

Walworth was the main theme for the morning. It remains a wonderful London locality, just about hanging on against the brutal advancement of South London gentrification.

It always helps when yer man plays a bit of Jackie Wilson as well.

I received a bonkers FoI response from ECC during the luncheon period.

It reeks of a cover up, with emails that I suspect do exist being deliberately withheld. Evidence is being collected to prove this theory...

A run of work shifts then started mid-afternoon, taking me all the way through until bedtime.

It was a new client, and one that I'm rather enjoying.

It doesn't take long for the social on the modern interweb to be swallowed up by the commercial.

Like IRC never happened, etc.

But job's a good 'un.


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