A far better lovely lido swim to start the working week.

It was made all the better by the flip flop-less le gai pensionnaire.

Our man has been swimming in Belgium over the weekend. He returned to Lake Brockwell with tales of how some Belgium river swallowed up one of his flip flops.

Detail is everything. It is why we return to the lovely lido each morning.

le gai pensionnaire soldiered on back in South London, one foot with flip flop, the other without.

What a trooper.

We even had some fancy foreign opera in the showers as well.

The swim itself was Brockwell Blue at its very best.

A bright Transpontine sky, piercing through the 6.4 degrees of clear water.

I spotted South London fairies dancing on the basin of Brockwell Lido. Cold water swimming tends to do strange things to the soul.

I then had to see a man about a burglar alarm. Which was pretty random, and we didn't really resolve the situation.

Hey hoe.

A brief run of work shifts in the flat, and then I had to head east and back to over there.

Oh dear, etc.

Bloody mad cat.

The train journey time was spent writing a short piece on the lido for a book that le gai pensionnaire is hopeful of publishing.

Plus listening to Shakespeare Alabama. It sounded ACE racing through the North Essex landscape.

I arrived back in the estuary wilds with a bulging sack of post to look at.

In Heartbreaking Cat News: a letter from the insurance company, basically saying that the mad cat is now officially an old mat cat. We need to cough up more for her insurance :disappointed:

Some rather decent #localgov news came my way late in the evening regarding 'developments' at CBC.

Well I never.

Big, big story brewing...

Anna and I watched the dirty Leeds match in the evening, in-between both finishing off work bits and bobs.

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