I really didn't want to swim on Sunday morning.

This is a rarity. It is part of my routine. The day doesn't start until I have been refreshed by a swim.

But I really didn't want to swim on Sunday morning.

Or maybe it was that I really didn't want to brave the outdoor waters of Lake Brockwell?

As ever, the effort was in getting there.

I delayed. I dithered.

I rocked up poolside around 10am, knowing that I had ACHIEVED.

I had yet to enter the water, but once you are there, then you are going to swim.

I messed around a little further in the changing room, delaying le grand depart.

I re-laced my trainers.


And then I went for it.

6.7 degrees, and six lengths to match.

What a HERO.

And then in strolled Lido Ed. I casually asked him how many lengths he had managed.



I felt like crying.

Hey hoe.

Ed cheered me up with shared childhood tales of Wollaton Park, back in the Fair City.

Batman - blimey.

I had plans to cycle off to the Nu Battersea for yet another exhibition. But I was bloody knackered and cold.

And so I stayed in the flat and caught up with some online twaddle, blogging the Scrap Trident snaps, and then Dulwich and hockey match reports.

I made it back outside again late afternoon. It was actually warmer than inside the flat.

I had half an hour of anarchic gardening.

It was more picking up crisp packets than tending to the green growth to be honest.

But yeah - that Sunny Stockwell miracle soil is working wonders. It is blessed with Transpontine gold.

Or piss.

I headed out to Brixton early evening for the Topcats at the Rec. The Ruffhouse was hosting a very late arriving team from Worcester.

The away team spent the first two quarters warming up and taking a hefty beating.

Just over an hour later and they were buzzed off court and back to Worcester.

See ya!

I managed some housework back in the flat, and then published the school content from Friday.

Sunday came to a close with a couple of hours of work shifts late evening.

I haven't warmed up all day to be honest :disappointed:

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