Up early to bash out a blog post on Critical Mass from last night.

The cycling theme continued with the short ride over to Brockwell Park for the @bwpark run.

Madam Pacemaker clocked me as soon I attempted a lame stretch.

The plan was to shadow her around at least the first circuit of the park, and then see what develops.

What actually happened is that I became boxed in 30 seconds into the run, whilst Madam Pacemaker was already halfway up Cressingham hill.


I took it steady, clocking 12 mins at the first time split.

Not bad.

Keep up this pace and I was optimistic of a 23:30 final time.

Any aspirations for being the future of South London athletics were cruelly cut down when a primary school kid breezed past me.

Oh dear.

The final time of 23:16 was half-decent.

And then the lovely lido.

I absolutely LOVE the growing collective of Saturday morning Park Runners, who then slip into the lido for the severe cooling off comedown.

One ambitious fella was even attempting some poolside yoga ahead of his swim.

The water temperature had dropped by .3 of a degrees overnight, down to a lively 7.3.

Six lengths felt like sixty.

It was encouraging to see the first gathering of the Brockwell Lido Breakfast Club outdoors as well.

We will be getting all frostalgic in only a few weeks time.

A cycle back to Sunny Stockwell, a Lidl dash, and then I headed off to Brixton Cycles to see an old Sunny Colch pal who has now been washed up in Transpontonia.

Good girl.

But she wasn't there.

No worries.

I had a lovely chat with some of the Co-op workers, happy to be in at their new home for the shhh soft launch of the next few weeks.

The space is HUGE. It should offer up so much more potential for Brixton Cycles. I hope this extends into evening events.

And then the cry went out for:

"To the Marble Arch!"


After loitering around Tyburn with Critical Mass last night, Saturday luncheon was all about the anti-Trident march.

I didn't have long, and couldn't commit to the full on march down to Trafalgar Square.

I stayed around as the thousands of people protested down Park Avenue.

It was good to see banners for Colchester Green Party and [gosh] Clap'ham Labour.

I cycled back across the river, and then headed out to Transpontine del Curva.

The Dulwich were playing some slappers from Essex.

Most of the match was spent talking with Disco Darryl.

Dulwich were bloody awful, and losing 2-0 with two minutes to play, when I head to leg it to catch a train.

I heard the first roar on the platform of East Dulwich station waiting for the 16:51 to Streatham.

I caught up with with highly unlikely Dulwich equaliser via a tweet as I was passing through Tulse Hill.


Saturday evening was spent watching Streatham Redskins Vs the Invicta Pikeys in the first leg of a Cup semi.

It was ACE.

1-0 to the Skins - an unlikely hockey score, but a brilliant shut out for the home team.

I stopped off at the Bowie mural in Brixton on the way back.

And still they come...

A good day. A very good day.

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