The first weekday morning of flying solo on a tricky new work client.

I've done the weekend shifts, but not the full on weekday affair.

It went quite well.

I surrendered on the soundtrack front and had the company of Serenade Radio to keep me company.

I felt about 50, which is not too far from the truth :disappointed:

Many of the old school Trent jocks are back broadcasting on Serenade. The Castle Gate flame still burns strong.

Another GLORIOUS estuary wilds sunshine day followed.

Another stuck indoors day on a run of works shifts was there to match.

Pay to play.

The most exciting it got was a quick dash to the train station to pick up some tickets for Transpontonia tomorrow.

I published some content on the SE17 site. The Y6 pupils appeared on C4 News the night before, demonstrating their knowledge and research on air pollution.


For some weird reason I fired up iTunes and resorted to some Whitney.


What a pair of lungs.

I confess to being rather partial to the first album and the slush ballads.

Some more work, some more admin, and then the day was gone.

Oh dear.

Plus I wimped out of worming the cat again.

She can wait.

02/24/16; 05:13:19 PM

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