A 6:30am work start, plus packing Anna off to South London.

And then a reverse ferret for the morning fitness.

It was the inverse of yesterday: the bicycle and dry weather said SWIM, the body screamed out for another run.

Always choose man (or woman) over machine.

And so I ran the exact same route as yesterday, with what I thought was an ever so slightly better time as well.

But it wasn't.

The remainder of the work morning was bloody frustrating.

I've had some 'tool issues' with a particular client. Nobody else in the team is experiencing anything similar. We are at a loss.

And then luncheon.



The estuary wilds weather was shorts and T-shirts.


I had a mad half hour of FORKING the garden.

I was tempted to get out my picnic blanket.

@RobertElms played Osibisa and Sunshine Day.

I'm still GRINNING.

Cricket season starts soon...

I had some more work in the afternoon, and then an old Radio Trent colleague pointed me in the direction of Serenade Radio.

Oh dear.

Sadly I seem to fit their age demographic, if not style.

I bashed out a Buzz piece taking the piss out of the Lambeth Tory alt Budget.

Apologies - it was just too easy.

And then all alone on Tuesday evening, and so I buggered off to CBC Scrutiny.

It promised so much, but ultimately fell ever so slightly short.

I managed to make it back to base in time for the second half of the Arsenal match.

I missed the two goals as Anna was FaceTiming.

Cheers, luv.

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