A rainy run to start the working week.

It wasn't suppose to be like this.

My body screamed SWIM, but my bicycle said bugger that when it saw the rain.

I ran up towards the University and past the roadworks for the new cycle path.

A March finish date looks optimistic.

My music of choice was all screwed up.

Bowie, natch, and a long overdue revisit to the Let's Dance album.

Except the dodgy version that I downloaded threw up some techno bollocks for the title track.

Nobody wants that :disappointed:

And then work. With Anna.

We appear to have gone our separate ways on the relationship defining industry crossover work.

And thank the chuffers for that.

I was banished to the office, whilst she blagged the desk from the Raj / Colchester.

Mr Sainsbury visited us mid-afternoon.

Which was nice.

I f-ed up with the online order.

SIXTY cans of cheapo lager?

Shurley some drunken mistake.

But yeah - chin chin.

More work, and then the weather changed. It was a half-decent end to the estuary wilds day.

I had some work training late afternoon. It was a real back to basics with the tool that we are going to be working on for a new client.

Keeping with this theme was a work email, informing me that as a company 'veteran', my legacy first name only email address is not long for the interweb world.

Monday evening was spent with a half-arsed interest in watching the Man Utd Cup match, before switching over to Nigel Watch with Burton Vs Southend.

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