A 7am Saturday morning work shift.


It was quiet.

A bit of Brixton Buzz action, and then I cycled off for a swim.

Once again the Trail was hard. There was a charming high tide to match.

The swim itself was spectacular. It left me feeling sky high and ready for the weekend.

The cycle back along the Trail was delayed slightly. I had to navigate a swan that had decided to sit right in the middle of the path.

A little more weekend work, and then Anna and I walked off for an afternoon of BOOZE and football.

We stopped off first at The Flag, a local business that needs a little love right now.

We walked straight into an Essex hen party.

I was tempted to stay.

But the football was absolutely ACE.

Top of the table Wivenhoe Town made it 2-2 against a strong Kings Lynne with more or less the last kick of the game.

I had some more work on a new client early evening. I'm rather enjoying it to be honest.

And then some photo editing, BOOZE and crappy TV with Anna.

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