A 7am work shift, assisted by a 6am alarm call from the mad cat.

I forgot to turn her electric blanket on overnight.


I should do this more often. It saves money and it wakes me up at an early hour.

The morning work was smooth.

And so was the luncheon swim.

I missed the water yesterday.

I touched down on Thursday after the first length and felt alive once again.

There. That should do.

Ha, bloody ha.

A lame 29 other lengths followed.

West Ham Wanker conversation consisted of him telling me how to style my hair so that I looked like Ace Face in Quadrophenia.

He offered up some gel.

I politely declined and pointed towards my bald spot.

I cycled back to base, caked in crap from the Trail, and straight into more work.

It's getting pretty busy work wise. I've agreed to a run of weekend work shifts.

Pay to play, etc.

Like a fool I then headed off to Colchester Town Hall for the second consecutive night.

If it's a Thursday evening then it must mean that it's a Planning Committee meeting.

A WHOPPER as well with the Tollgate Village application being 'considered.'

'Some' have suggested that it was a done deal beforehand.

Which makes me question why I gave up four hours to listen to the waffle.

Hey hoe.

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