A day that never really got going, and never really ended either.

The scheduling of my work shifts meant that I was house bound all day, with some stop / start short breaks punctuating the work pattern.

Not enough time to go out, and not enough time to really start anything of significance back at base either.

My final piece of work training on a new client was completed late afternoon. I think I'm flying solo come the weekend.

I did finally manage to get out early evening, heading into Sunny Colch for the CBC Full Council meeting for February.

I know how to PARTY, ladies.

Boy - it was a lengthy one.

It went on for over four hours.

I had to bail out just before the end to leg it for a train.

I used anchor.fm at the close to record a wrap.


It has become my online audio platform of choice overnight. The instinctive nature of the app makes it a pleasure to use. It;s gonna be ACE for the kids to use in schools.

I played around with the mad cat a little when I returned home. The best part of the day.

02/17/16; 06:13:36 PM

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By Jason A.Cobb, Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 6:13 PM.