Another early estuary wilds start to see Anna off to South London.

It was light (ish) by 6:30am.


Much like my 7am work shift.


The run of work shifts took me through until luncheon.

It was bloody gorgeous out there in the estuary wilds.

I had to escape.

I had to swim.

I stopped off first at the train station to pick up a Greater Anglia delayed train form.

The polite chap very kindly handed one over.

I politely asked for a half a dozen. Past form has taught me that I'll be needing these over the coming weeks.

And then the swim.



I had a very tight turnaround ahead of the afternoon shifts. I couldn't arse around in the spa.

I ended up gatecrashing the wrinklies lane.

Apologies, ladies.

I had some pretty heavy work training mid-afternoon.

I think I typed up more notes than the words that were delivered.

Detail is everything.

I came close to buying an f828 camera later on.

Yeah yeah - an upgrade from my usual f717.

The mighty @urban75 has been banging on about them of late. Retro is the Nu new, etc.

I've got an eBay search set up. The price appears to be dropping over the past few weeks.

One became available for £70.


May just wait a few more weeks.

I managed some anarchic gardening just ahead of sunset.


Tuesday evening was spent arguing with Anna over FaceTime, digging out some archive Brixton Splash images for Buzz, and playing around with Anchor.

It's the nu @audioboom, dontchaknow.

And it really is rather good.

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