Monday was all about waiting for a new fridge to be delivered to Sunny Stockwell.

'Anytime between 7am - 7pm.'

That's quite some window of opportunity.

Thankfully it was an 8:30am delivery.

And so having spent six months or so getting rid of all of the South London furniture and fittings ahead of the Essex Great Escape, Anna and I are now... buying back all of the South London furniture and fittings with a return to Transpontonia.

Life is funny.

Ha, bloody ha.

The fridge is absolutely ACE.

A monster of a retro US 50's style model.

I intend to fill it with fine cheese and cheap booze.

I had work shifts all morning, and then escaped for a brief S Ldn parks run at luncheon. Nothing too strenuous - Kennington and the lovely Larkhall.

A little more work in the flat, and then I had another break in the day for a photo walk.

I walked up towards Clap'ham via Larkhall, and then back down along the Clap'ham Road.

Clap'ham Nu Town 'aint for me.

I finally finished catching up with Gilles Peterson history of Bristol music during the afternoon shifts. It's a fantastic piece of social history broadcasting, covering sound systems to dub step.

And then very, very late in the evening I had to head back over there.

Oh dear.

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