A strange lido swim for Sunday morning: we've lost some water.


I first noticed when I touched down in the shallow end for the first time and grazed my knee.

Back up in the deep end and my usual touch / splash down fell short.

I could normally swim blind in the lido. Twenty Two years of lovely lido swimming means that I know the pool inside out.

Except when the water level dips.

Swimming dreams were then exchanged in the changing rooms.

I have a couple of WEIRD ones.

The first involves the plug being pulled on the lido, so that I end up beached and unable to swim.

Sunday morning was little like that in reality.

The second is just odd. The water becomes thicker as I progress. I am eventually left stuck in a blue syrup.


I had a little spare time after the swim itself. And so I fell asleep in the lido spa and dreamt of blue treacle.

I cycled on from the lido to West Norwood. On my radar was the cemetery.

What a Valentine romantic, etc.

I wanted to wander around on a photo shoot. It was bloody cold though, and my shutter finger wasn't really playing.

I cycled back to Sunny Stockwell, stocked up on cups of tea, and then headed back out to Brixton for the basketball.

I'm LOVING the Topcats right now.

The men's team were 21-0 down in the first, before somehow turning it around and coming close to an unexpected victory.

They just fell short come the final buzzer.

Sunday evening was spent publishing endless school content, and then listening to the remainder of the Gilles Peterson Bristol broadcast.

It put my in the mood to take a hot bath, light some candles and listen to Portishead.

Happy blue treacle dreams.

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