Happy Wedding Anniversary, Anna.

Wish you were here, etc.


No worries.

I was up early on Saturday to edit some of the basketball photos from the night before.

And then the Brockwell Park Run.

Woh. It was chilly out there.

I had a decent effort.

The halfway split had me clocked in at 12:00. I picked up the pace and managed to gain 30 seconds or so with a final time of 23:26.

Happy with that.

I wasn't so happy about the lovely lido.

6.7 degrees - 5 degrees is usually when I start to cry.

I managed six lengths, but felt a little wobbly after the fourth.

I tried to leave the water, but fell over.

Oh dear.

I tried to hide my misfortune, but the lifeguards clocked me and kept a very close eye on me.

I was punch drunk, a giddy boxer that has had no other punishment than a silly cold water swim.

It took an age to warm up in the gents. The hairdryer was placed in positions where it really shouldn't go.

There. That's better.

A bit of admin back in the flat, an anniversary FaceTime with Anna, and then I set off walking to Battersea.

There was yet another public consultation about the Power Station regeneration. Paying lip service is all part of the Nu Nine Elms.

My walk out west was most pleasant. It was blustery, but I managed to hug the banks of the Old Father for most of the walk.

I really wasn't in the mood to play the political activist at the consultation. I just wanted some snap of their ACE Power Station model to be honest.

But for some reason, the clipboard wavers seemed confrontational and up for the fight.

I was knackered after the Park Run / lovely lido / walk.

Please go away. Just let me take some photos.

They insisted on asking me about what I thought about foreign wealth propping up the development.

Yes, yes - it's not for me.

But that's not the point.

I admit to being vary vanilla, smiling, not saying much, and then snapping away.

I don't want to change the world, I'm not looking for a New England, etc.

Or even a Nu Battersea.

The plan was then to keep on walking along the river in the opposite direction. I had some work to do, and didn't fancy completing it alone in the flat.

The Royal Festival Hall or the National Theatre was on my walking radar.

It was a decent walk, broken up by all the tourist bobbins that now forms around the London Eye.

I arrived at the RFH and tried to blag a work station to settle down into.

I wanted it be social, but I didn't want a bloody kid's festival to be taking place.


That was bloody loud.

And so no work undertaken, but another walk back to Sunny Stockwell.

A brief LIDL dash, and then I spent the remainder of Saturday evening trying to finish off the work.

How do I normally end these posts?

Oh yeah - knackered.

That should do.

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