A 7am work shift, and then a cycle off to the lovely lido.

I wasn't really ready for this. I was bloody cold in bed the night before.

The water temperature at Lake Brockwell had dropped once again. I had hoped that the only way is up.

Six degrees hurt. I kept with tradition, and matched it with a poxy six lengths.

A lady in the adjacent lane was looking resplendent with her breaststroke and bright red lipstick.

My body mass was reduced to pimples.

I had to fix up and look sharp ahead of a school day in SE21.

Out can the 'male' make up in the gents, and a cravat.

I looked ACE...

The school day was also wonderful. Any time spent in a school on a Friday before a holiday is pretty special.

The lovely SE21 kids were treated to a brilliant afternoon performance by the English Opera Touring company.

I snapped away throughout most of the show, and shot some video as well. It was a very special performance, with the kids all joining in.

I cycled back through Brixton, and simply couldn't resist another few moments at the Bowie mural.

It's now starting to hit me that we have actually lost him.

I carried on up Brixton Road, and then stocked up on Transpontine olive bread.

Something for the weekend, Sir?

Two loaves should suffice.

A bit more work back in the flat, and then I made what is becoming something of a routine schlep from Sunny Stockwell to Stratford for the basketball.

The Lions took a 20 point lead going into the 4th. They ended up losing against a very poor Surrey side.

Basketball. Bloody hell.

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