A 7am work shift, the morning after a night out at the Colne Social Club.


My teetotal decision seven hours earlier paid off.

The bicycle ride along the Trail was spectacular.

A heavy estuary wilds frost meant that the ride was viewed through a postcard prism.

Plus it was fast and hard - always a good ride.

And then another day, another average swim.

Thirty lengths, followed by a bizarre spin dryer conversation with West Ham Wanker. I think he was still sky high after Monday night to be honest.

I settled down for the run of work shifts back at base.

@RobertElms very kindly went with my Cover to Cover suggestion - Our Lips Are Sealed, The Go-Go's Vs Smiling Terry and the Fun Boy Three.

I phoned in for the first time, supporting Smiling Tel and Fun Boy Three, natch.

The boys won by a country mile.

More work, and then a dash for the train.

A week in South Ldn awaits.


I managed the mad dash via Moorgate to be back down in Sunny Stockwell just in time for the next run of work shifts.

An evening LIDL run, and then to bed early.

Big old SE21 school day in the morning.

02/11/16; 04:25:05 PM

Another weak swim to start off Wednesday morning.

I was tired. I had little time. The bloody pool was full.

Lane etiquette had me relegated to the wrinklies side of the pool.


Twenty lengths, I made my excuses and went to shampoo my short and curlies.

West Ham Wanker was on Genesis Jukebox service in the showers.

"Name that tune!"

...he laughed as I lathered up my pubes.

"Is it You Can't Hurry Love?"

At least it shut him up.

I had work to do back home.

The mad cat wasn't playing though. Or rather she was.

Mad Hour was brought forward early. It must be something to do with the changing seasons.

I tapped away, trying to concentrate.

But the Mad Cat was on keyboard walking duties.

Cheers, luv.

The luncheon period was taken up with some more work training.

Woh - that a lot of detail. All worthy as well.

Late period Madness was soundtrack for the afternoon shifts.

Michael Caine, One Better Day, Yesterday's Men - that's a fine run of singles. It defined my Thursday evenings with TOTP back in the day.

More work, some domestic duties, and then I buggered off down the road for an evening at the Colne Social Club.

Pool, darts, cheapo booze.

It was like being back in Johnno's garage during the summer of '85.

Golden days.

02/10/16; 07:26:21 PM

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