Thirty lengths was planned on Tuesday so that I could be back at base in time for the first work shift of the day.

In the end I clocked up 40. I wanted to keep on going.

It was a messy stop / start day of work. I've got some new clients with plenty of policy detail.

I had an hour to escape to the garden late afternoon.

It's a bloody mess.

It's the same this around every year just ahead of spring.

My lovely lawn is a swamp; the foliage is either brown or green - dead or alive, etc.

I've learnt not to worry though.

Somehow the magic of the estuary wilds sun will turn all of this around in a coupe of months.

And then the raspberry run will begin.

Oh Lordy.

The rest of Tuesday was spent watching the close of the ODI, and then half an eye on the Liverpool / West Ham match.

02/09/16; 05:11:58 PM

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