A leisurely lido swim to start the working week.

Monday wasn't a school day, but a stuck indoors day working from the Sunny Stockwell flat.

And so I needed to escape for a swim first.

I managed to miss the rush hour rubber boys.

I also managed to miss le gai pensionnaire, which is always a disappointment.

It was blustery and bloody cold.

Once again it was the South London sun that kept me going. Raising your head above the cold water to take on air became an act of stretching for sunlight as well.

But only for a miserly eight lengths...

And then work in the flat.

It felt like 2002 all over again, but without the dial up.

Late afternoon and my time was up. I had to head back over there.

Oh dear, etc.

Monday evening was spent with more work shifts, and making a start on editing the Vauxhall photo walk from last Sunday.

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