I woke up with a hangover and with Anna in South London on Sunday morning.

Two outta three 'aint bad, etc.

We had agreed the night before to be out the flat by 8am, and walking the mean streets of SW8 on a photo shoot.

It's a rarity that we get to spend South London time together now. Nine Elms is changing at such a pace, that we wanted to capture it.

We couldn't have timed it any better. It was the perfect blue sky photography day.

The streets of Sunny Stockwell and Vauxhall were empty.

I did a similar photo walk a couple of years ago. The whole regeneration site had pretty much been flattened by then.

Fast forward two years and it is almost finished.


I wasn't expecting to see the cuboid American Embassy so close to completion.

The missing piece for the jigsaw appears to be the Power Station.

Fancy that.

We both felt that the whole stretch was lacking in any soul. It may have been 8am on a Sunday morning, but you find evidence of 'life' [and then some...] back outside Stockwell tube.

Even with a Transpontine blue sky day, it was bloody freezing.

Sunlight was nowhere to be seen. The height and scale of the development blocks it all out.

I remain slightly sneering over the whole patch. It's not for me. It's not for you.

It will be interesting to see in 12 months time if any of the luxury apartments are actually being lived in.

Anna then buggered off back to Essex play golf.

I did my thing.

Which meant a lovely lido swim of course.

I'm not sure why, but my mind wasn't really into this; my body even less so.

The water temperature had dipped ever so slightly since Saturday.

It felt bloody cold poolside, with the South London wind starting to blow up.

It took me four lengths to find my rhythm.

And then it was absolutely LOVELY.

The Brockwell skies overhead were spectacular.

I rotated my stroke, and then when my head was above the water I was met with blinding sun in battle with the bruising skies.

Three layers of clothes were left back on the radiator rail back in the gents. They had a comfort blanket value as I shivered after a shower and a towel down.

A dash back to Sunny Stockwell, a bit of gardening, a bike clean, and then I buggered off back to Brixton.

I haven't seen the Lady Topcats play at the Rec in sometime. I enjoyed it more than the men to be honest.

Some school work back in the flat, and then some further training and a late night Sunday shift.

Yeah. Knackered.

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