Some early morning touching up in the gents at Brockwell Lido.


The last thing that @mutley69 wanted after eight lengths of cold Brockwell blue was a touch up with my make up brush.

It felt rude not to ask.

The swim was ACE.

It looks like we have missed midwinter down at the lido.

The lowest the water dipped to was 4 degrees - and then it soon shot back up to around 8.

I'm still working off my length count to water temperature ratio.

A brief cycle back through Brixton, and then a day at the LOVELY LOVELY SW9 school.

It was pretty special today. I've no idea why - everything just seemed to fit.

The morning assembly on inter-faith set the theme.

I then got take my tricky skills football talent out of retirement during a Y7 PE lesson. I even volunteered to go in goal.

The only arsey outcome for today was my bloody iPhone.

I've stripped it of any lingering content, yet still it keeps on running out of space during a school day.

It's a right bloody pain having to upload vids to the MacBook, just so that I can shoot some more.

I don't think that I can hold out until September and the next model.

The school day finished off with a School Council meeting, and then the gamekeeper turned poacher as I was asked to pose for a school notice board pic.

Hurrah for the make up brush, eh @mutley69.

I headed out East early evening.

The London Lions were once again on my radar.

It's becoming quite a Friday night habit over at the Copper Box.

It was a decent home win against a spirited Sheffield Sharks.

Sunny Stockwell to Stratford remains an arse of a journey.

There's talk tomorrow of heading out Dartford way for a Dulwich away day.

That could be messy.

Oh Lordy.

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