I woke up in Sunny Stockwell on Sunday morning with a hangover and with Anna.


That's not happened for a long time.

Anna loved me and left, heading back to the estuary wilds.

I limped around the flat, trying to get my act together for a lovely lido hangover healer.

But soon it started to rain.


How about a run instead?

I invented a weird variation of my usual Transpontine trot, taking in Kennington Park, Clap'ham Common and the lovely Larkhall Park.

I thought that it might be around 16k.

Back at base and I discovered that it was only 12k.

Hey hoe.

At least I managed to leave the hangover somewhere around the mean streets of SW4.

A quick shower, some flat chores, and then I set out on a photo walk.

Time was tight, and I didn't really know where I wanted to go.

The overcast conditions weren't exactly ideal.

I ended up wandering towards the Battersea side of SW8, taking in a few estates, and then being thrown out along Wandsworth Road.


Once again: WOH.

I have been watching the developments around Nine Elms from the safety of the flat bedroom window.

I knew that the temporary Sainsbury's was long gone. I wasn't expecting the site to have already been cleared ahead of the new Nine Elms station.

Anna and I have a lengthy Vauxhall and Nine Elms photo walk lined up for next weekend. I didn't want to ruin the 'surprise' by taking too much of it in.

I then cycled off to Brixton to catch the Topcats having home court action at the Ruffhouse.

It was a scrappy, but entertaining game. The Topcats point guard was ejected in the fourth. I haven't seen that in a ball game for a while.

And then a dash across town, and a train back to over there.

Oh dear, etc.

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