Another Saturday morning, another Brockwell Park Run.

As ever, I just wasn't up for this.

Some polite words with Madam Pacemaker, and we then agreed to go our own way.

I decided to take it incredibly easy. The after effect of the Beer Festival from 48 hours earlier was still heavy within my system.

Oh dear.

But then the gamekeeper turned poacher.

I found myself pacing another runner.

This all happens quite randomly. As you find your position in the pack, you become aware of any other runner that is more or less matching you.

Halfway round and my new companion let it slip that she was on for a PB if we kept up the same pace.

I guided her round - or was it the other way around? - and yep, a PB was clocked up for her, if not me.

I also intended to take it easy in the lido.

"The lifeguards only manage 15 minute shifts whilst it is so cold"

...remarked the lovely lido Reception person.

It was actually quite beautiful in there. The water temperature was back up to 8 degrees.

I managed 8 lengths to match. I was going to push for 10, but then I had a flashback to the Colchester Beer Festival 48 hours previous, collapsed in a corner and muttering some nonsense.

Luncheon was taken with Red Maz of Bal'ham.

We pondered bloody Pop Brixton, but then thought f-it. We're not kids anymore.

Instead we had a far more refined setting of the charming Vauxhall Tea Theatre.

Maz impressed me with the full breakfast; I was a little more laid back with a sausage sarnie - or cobb (two b's, as they put on the menu...)

Red Maz and I both had some time to spare.

We took a wander down to Vauxhall City Farm. Red Maz reminded me that she once ate a Guinea pig.

And then we kept on walking, down to The Oval to check out the progress on the new Peter May stand.

"This will be our Transpontine beer garden in three months time"

...I told Red Maz.

I think she was too busy eyeing up the builder's arse.

"To Transpontine del Curva!"

...came the shout shortly before 3pm.

The Dulwich were at home to f-knows who.

Actually it was Harrow.

It was most entertaining with 4-0 home win.

And then a rendez vouz with Anna in South London.


That's not what is expected.

We headed out towards Waterloo early evening for a night out with the old South Bank crowd that she did her PhD with.

It was LOVELY.

We are all becoming very old.

Saturday came to close with a rare night of sleeping with my wife.

If only all days were like this.

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