Another half-hearted swim to start the day.

A pitiful 30 lengths. My aching limbs just weren't up for it.

Some swims are better than others.

A bit of work back at base, and then I buggered off to South London.

With cooler box.


Our fridge has finally packed up in the flat. I'm working on Anna to buy another retro American 50's style fridge.

But for now, the cooler box is just about serving us.

More work, in what was something of a very, very bad day at the office for one of the clients.

I managed to escape late afternoon for a haircut with Rasheed underneath the Academy.

Top man.

He even offered me something for the weekend.

A few domestic chores in the flat, and then I cycled off to Waterloo for Critical Mass.

I thought that it would be bitterly cold. It was actually quite pleasant out there.

The Mass went roughly up towards Camden, across to Paddington, over to the West End, and then South-ish.

I buggered off just before the South-ish.


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