Late to bed and early to rise.

Which never makes for the best of swims.

But I had to get my head down as I had a work video call at 9.

It was a pitiful 20 lengths.

Ta for coming, etc.

West Ham Wanker tried to get me interested in a conversation about which 70's rock star would die next.

I wasn't playing. I had pubic hair to wash.

The video work training then followed. I think that we crossed three continents between the four of us.

As ever, not much that I can talk about here. But my work does appear to have collided head on with Anna's.

A luncheon PMQ's, more work, some Buzz action, plus a bit of Chronic catching up as well.

Which led to an early evening trip out to the JOYS of Sunny Colch and a CBC Cabinet meeting.

I became lost halfway through the agenda.

Hey hoe.

I made it home in time to catch the Everton match.

Anna FaceTime-ed at FT.

I let her down gently with the result.

She hung up on me.

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