The Postman Delivers... another f717 camera.


I now make it double figures for my f717 ownership.

Yeah, yeah - it's a false economy in buying the exact same model from over a decade ago when the current work horse is b0rked.

Plus it's not exactly doing much to improve my ahem photography skills.

But the f717 fits all my needs.

I can fire it up and capture Boy Y at school within seconds. It is also pretty powerful when it comes to walking the streets of SW8 / drifting along through the estuary wilds.

I paid £26 for the current model. I needed one in reserve after throwing camera No. 8 across the staffroom in SE21 a few weeks back.


I gave the new model a quick workout on Tuesday morning [it works] and then disappeared off for a swim.

I had a lane to myself and managed the required 40 lengths.

I was hopeful of a much needed haircut on the way back. Sadly my estuary wilds barber is still closed after flooding during the New Year period :disappointed:

Rasheed underneath Brixton Academy will get my custom in a couple of days time.

Some fairly light-ish work for Tuesday morning, some household crap, some more work, and then coming up with some ideas for a piece I have been asked to write for the local football club.

I heard all about 'mountain mapping' whilst with the Year 2 kids last week. This is now my preferred method for approaching any type of written work.

Once upon a time...

We had some Brixton Buzz messy legal business to unravel late in the afternoon. It's been an interesting past few days.

I watched the League Cup match on and off later in Tuesday evening, and then tried to capture the mad cat for the tumblr blog that I eventually went and set up.

There wasn't to be a happy ending.

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