Some hosting bills to pay to start the working week.


My host still remains good value for money and is incredibly robust.

I took the opportunity to look around at some of the archive files that I've still got hosted on an old domain.

Do I really need those?


So I backed up and deleted.

I also took the opportunity to archive away some old ahem Blogger blogs that are essentially dead.

I don't want to delete them, but seeing as though they haven't been updated in over seven years, there seemed little point in keeping them public.

I had some legwork to do chasing various bits of information here and there.

This involved composing a hand written letter. I was a little lost, to be honest.

And then I cracked on with some proper work.

The rest of the day was taken up with fiddly admin: booking a man to fix my alarm in the flat, chasing an AWOL FoI, clarification for a Buzz story, filing a Subject Access Request [gosh], failing to worm the cat, accepting that I need dental treatment, some banking bollocks and then a back up of all my sites.


That was hard work.

And so was listening to @MatchTalk on BBC Nottingham.


Monday came to similar themed close with lots of laughing at D***y County.


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