A cricket breakfast, carried out with some school work to catch up on from the fag end of last week.

Anna was tapping away at her corporate work bollocks.

I think I got the better deal.

We both disappeared together mid-morning for a swim.

I had vowed never to do this again.

Anna was wearing her nu tech watch thingy. It miraculously improves her swimming performance.

I plodded up and down the lanes.

We both arsed around a bit in the spa and sauna afterwards.

Anna worked out that she is a half decent swimmer because she has webbed feet.

I'm not joking.

We half-heartedly cycled towards town, hopeful of some random purchases from the architectural salvage yard [JUNK SHOP].

It was closed, of course.

Anna then went off in search of the Colchester otter.

I made an inappropriate joke about beaver patrol. It didn't go down very well.

I caught the second half of the Everton match, and then some anarchic gardening, before falling asleep watching the Arsenal game.

I spent a few hours doing some more photo editing of my archive snaps.

And then we finally caught up with The Rack Pack.

Snooker. Bloody hell, etc.

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