A very early morning work shift, some brief Brixton Buzz action to catch up with, and then a run.

It was a slight change of route as well.

I didn't have time for the full Clap'ham circuit; lovely Larkhall Park is more like a trot around the garden to be honest.

And so I headed up the Clap'ham Road and once around Kennington Park.

Gotta say that it wasn't the most inspiring of routes.

I showered, and then... walked the route all over again as I headed over to a school day out in SE17.

I paused briefly along John Ruskin Street as a horse drawn funeral procession headed towards Camberwell.

You don't see these very often.


And then destination SE17.

I walked into the conclusion of Maths Week.

I missed the Clown earlier in the week with his mathematical balloons.

Boy Y greeted me early on:

"I know who you are. You were the clown!"

Cheers, fella.

An OK school day, but I've had better.

I switched the usual Thursday to a Friday as the kids weren't in yesterday due to a local by-election.

My rhythm and pace for what I try and achieve was out of synch.

I struggled for over half an hour to try and print off some images using a Windows system.

My PC 'skills' are stuck in XP land.

A walk back to Sunny Stockwell, and then straight into more work shifts.

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