A mad dash for the train, not helped by the mad cat.

She's going to be on her own for 12 hours or so. I thought that I would be generous and set the heating to come on late afternoon.

Messing around with the bloody timer made me late.

There's a lesson there.

I was suited, but not quite booted for a SW9 school day.

My haste to leave the house meant that I didn't have time to tie up the laces on my DM's.

"Nice, bruv"

...as a yoof on the train commented.

He'll be carrying off the same look tomorrow morning.

It was a crisp, rural ride in.

I wouldn't tell Anna, but it did look rather beautiful.

And then the bicycle ride to Transpontonia, and talk of a trip up on the school roof for some snaps.

Don't mind if I do.

Boy Y asked the usual Q:

"How does the internet work?"

I'm ashamed to say that I have yet to give him a half decent answer.

"I didn't get much work done..."

I told Boy Y after a chatty lunchtime spent together.

"At leat you has fun"

...he replied.


The school day came to a close with the way that I like it: up on the rood and gazing out across Sunny Stockwell.


I was taking some photos of the new school building that continues to grow by the week.

I cycled down to Brixton on the way home to have a look in on the Bowie mural.

Rather than being a sombre affair, it was actually quite life-affirming. I bumped into an old school work colleague. We had a decent catch up.

And then back to Sunny Stockwell, a LIDL run, and an evening of editing and publishing school content.

Same again tomorrow.

Kinda hoping for rain to be honest.

I really don't fancy the lovely lido.

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