The morning after the night before.

I didn't get to bed until 2am, working on something of a BIGGIE for Brixton Buzz.

I was up four hours later to see Anna off to South London, and then the wait until... the Buzz scoop could be published.

I knew that it would be a huge story the moment I opened up the first FoI file. The scale of the story doesn't match up though with the months of uncertainty that local traders in the Arches have had to endure.

And then... zap.

Twitter was bloody b0rked.


We held off the story from breakfast until mid-morning.

I think that it was just about worth it.

I disappeared off for a swim in-between the online outage.

Ouch - that was a sharp morning on the Trail.

There was only time for 30 lengths ahead of some morning work shifts.

Bulgarian translations weren't part of the bargain for the work today.

But yeah. Hurrah for the modern interweb.

A phone conversation all about delegates, Cllr's and possible clashes of interest followed.


@RobertElms was ACE as ever. He had two hours of chat all about the Isle of Dogs. He somehow made it much more interesting than it should sound.

And then he played You're the Best Thing, before declaring:

"How did anyone not like the Style Council?"

Top man.

Some more work shifts, and some unexpected, positive news about a couple of clients.

I finally got round to finishing the mad gardening spree from late yesterday afternoon. I -re-potted a rather enthusiastic mint plant.

[Is this right?]

I played all three Bowie Nothing Has Changed albums once again throughout the evening. Disc 2 from Buddha of Suburbia to Wild is the Wind is winning it for me.

Yeah, yeah. I know.

I had a work assessment to complete before tomorrow.

Should have started it a lot earlier to be honest.

I finally managed to start work on my Dulwich flickr account just before heading off to bed.

I've promised the old school Rabble that I will set up a dedicated flickr account and upload the 4,000 snaps from down at the Dulwich back in the day.

I left my machine uploading overnight.

See you on the other side, Comrades.

Oh yeah - my butt has been frozen all day.

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