A speedy ride along the Trail for the morning swim.

I'm amazed as to how well it has dried out over the past few days.

I'm equally amazed that my MTB is entering its sixth estuary wilds winter, yet is somehow still serving as a means to an end.

That end is getting me to a swim each morning.

The means is an MTB that doesn't exactly receive any TLC from me.

Some cheeky f-er outside the pool shouted out:

"Clean yer bike, mate!"



Back from the swim, and a His 'n' Hers working from home day with Anna.

Our work worlds collided.


That hurt.

We have suspected for some time now that this would be happening.

The response was to work in separate rooms, and no bedtime chat about the work.

I made the mistake of attempting to re-pot a cactus, just as the estuary wilds sun was setting.

Gardening in pitch darkness: it's the Nu Black.

The cactus seemed to survive. It's erect, which is all a young (ish) man can hope for.

But I was on a roll and wanted to be a scrubber.

Foolishly I attempted to scrub all of the garden pots of their green-ish winter goo - even though winter hasn't really started.

They all looked immaculately clean once I had finished.

It was absolute darkness outside.

Early evening was spent catching up with some Gilles Peterson, and then the JUBILANT Match Talk on BBC Nottingham.

I always kept the faith, Comrades.

A response to a pretty major FoI dropped late in the day.

The request initially went in back in March 2015. It was refused. I appealed, but the appeal was turned down.

I then approached the Information Commissioner, who very kindly agreed that it was a valid FoI request.

The result is 10MB zip drive stuffed full of documents that I now need to go through.


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