Catch Up Sunday.

It was meant to be all about a few odd jobs here and there, and then an afternoon watching football.

The odd jobs finally came to close around 9pm.

Phew. Rock 'n' Roll, etc.

A swim first though to start Sunday.

I've decided that I'm not going to swim with Anna again. Not unless she ditches her aquatic tech watch.

It's a curious chicken and egg situation - was it the watch that improved her speed, or her speed that led to the need to document all the data in digital form?

Either way, I can't live with her in the pool anymore.

I managed 50 lengths, but I reckon that she lapped me three times this morning.

A floating leaf passed my mouth and I gently blew it away with a short outburst of air.

I then realised that I wasn't at the lovely lido, but stuck indoors in a bloody Essex converted gas showroom of a pool.

The floating leaf was a skanky plaster.


Elsewhere around the pool and there was some weird rubber based spa party going on.

I decided not to investigate.


And then all the household crap kicked in.

Windows to wash, washing lines to hang, housework to complete.

How the chuff did it come to this?

Anna buggered off to play golf.

How the chuff did it come to this? etc.

Looking forward to returning to work tomorrow.

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