A run to start the weekend.

It just seemed like the moment was right - the estuary wilds sun, the hangover free feeling, some new (ish) tunes to listen to.

I've not been out pounding the mean streets of Weird Wiv since Christmas. A series of unfortunate bodily injuries have laid me up low.

Saturday was a slow one, but enjoyable all the same.

My soundtrack was Disc 2 of Bowie's Nothing Has Changed.

Predictable, I know.

I've been a little late in catching up with this. It completely passed me by when it was released just over a year ago.

I've only just realised that it is sequenced in reverse chronological order.

Back to Basics in reverse.

I rather like that.

I gravitated on Saturday morning from Absolute Beginners back down to Ashes to Ashes.

Everyone has their own Bowie entry points. This is pretty much mine as an early 80's yoof.

I'd forgotten had delicious some of those mid 80's singles are: This is Not America, Loving the Alien, and even Absolute Beginners, wish I LOVED at the time.

It got me around the Weird Wiv route with a smile on my face.

A quick clean up [I lie] and then we legged it to the Farmer's Market.

Apologies, but it was a little underwhelming.

The grand plan for a Jase Bake later in the evening was b0rked. There's not a lot you can do with just potatoes and carrots.

The BRILLIANT estuary wilds rays were too strong to ignore. We cycled off along the Trail, in search of a swim.

Anna managed to lap me twice in the water. She had her race face on, as well as her fancy new aquatic watch which counts every minor stat associated with a swim.

"I've just swam 1km of backstroke!"

...she declared as she left the water.

No she didn't. She managed 1km of crawl. Hew watch was upside down.


We caught the end of the Test match back at base.

Who needs Bell End anyway?

The plan was to go and watch Wivenhoe Town at home.

Hurrah for the modern interweb! A quick glance at Twitter told us that the match had been called off just before KO.


Once again the weather was too wonderful to ignore. Light was fading, but the wellies came out.

We went off on a random walk, which turned out to be the same as every other bloody walk around here.

I managed some hit and miss snaps.

Villa Vs L****er kept me busy early evening.

The potatoes were baked, but not as part of a bake.

We finished off Saturday catching up with Dectectorists. The Christmas special was an added surprise.

Anna made a joke about taking up detectoring.

I pretended not to hear her.

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