Anna returned to the estuary wilds early on Friday morning, via Amsterdam, via Sunny Stockwell.

She caught me cat napping - quite literally with the mad cat sleeping on my chest and trapping me.

A cricket breakfast and some morning work shifts followed.

Plus some slightly fiddly editing and publishing of school policy docs - 'cos you can never safeguard enough...

The fall out from Somerleyton Road last summer continued.

Some documents 'reached' [aha!] Brixton Buzz showing some of the continued lies that others have been making against us to high ranking Cllr's and officers.

But it is representatives from another organisation that has ended up with a criminal record following the Somerleyton Road situation, and not Brixton Buzz.

Anna particularly enjoyed the accusation that I was an anarchist.

Gis a cigarette, etc.

A little more work, a little more cricket.

And then I couldn't resist the call of the garden.

It was bloody gorgeous out there.

Not quite Speedo weather, but just enough rays to have the energy to carry out a bit of gardening.

Most of it was clipping away at anything that look half-dead.

This is actually a great time of year in the garden. You can picture what is to come over the spring months.

I then put my hand in some not very well concealed cat shit.

Cheers, luv.

I had various work and play online chores to catch up with early evening.

I finally managed to find some files for Dread Meets Punk Rocker Vol 2.

That's the weekend sorted, then.

Friday finished with some TV catch ups with Anna.

The Decectorists, Brooker, and Catherine Tate.

Hit and miss.

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