A 7am work shift for a couple of hours.

These are getting better - daylight greeted me when I logged in from my tea drinking chair of choice.

It won't be long now until the first ball of the summer is bowled at The Oval...

Late Junction from the night before kept me company as I plodded along.

And then a swim.

Or maybe not.


I was all ready to leave the house, when the estuary wilds sun soon became sleet.


I 'aint taking my MTB on the trail in that kind of weather.


And so a bit of school work catching up, with half an eye on the cricket.

I took a few iPhone snaps of the mad cat who was rolling around and generally being a little silly.

I thought of setting up a cat tumblr and snapping a photo of her each day.

But then the last thing I need right now is more online daily chores.

Go with the moment, Jase.

Sorry, mad cat.

The weather didn't really pick up.

Bloody woeful.

@RobertElms opened with Each and Everyone. It kinda fitted the mood.

In Cat Food News: One of the Pet Shop Girls delivered some early afternoon.


The mad cat has been fussy of late. We treated her to Co-op cheapo pick 'n' mix.

The mad cat suddenly became a food snob.

Back to the Pet Shop Girls special it is then.

And then I've no idea what really happened.

I had endless school content from last week to catch up with. It was something of an online fiddly chore to be honest.

I needed some tunes.

I started with Yello and The Race.

Fair enough.

It all then went a little Gwen Guthrie, which led to Colonel Abrams and Phyllis Nelson.

Blimey - what the chuffers happened there?

The school work was published, and for the first time this week I had a smile on my face whilst listening to some music.

I should do it more often.

Thankfully I didn't get as far as Five Star.

Thursday night was all about NBA London.

Sadly I wasn't there.

Bloody mad cat.

I did watch it though.

It can't be long until we have a franchise in London, can it?

LOVE NBALondon16

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