Another early start to see Anna off to South London, via Amsterdam.

Or is it the other way round?

I wasn't paying attention to be honest.


I was hoping that my f717 camera issue would resolve itself overnight.

It wouldn't fire up after a school day in SE21 yesterday.

No joy for Tuesday morning either.

That will teach me to throw my camera across the staffroom.

Thankfully I've already got a back up, having snaffled another f717 online over the summer months.

I fear that I am now in double figures for f717 ownership.

LOVE that camera.

A mid-morning call to my Dad.

I can't really go into the details, but it did feel like that '73 moment of father and son watching Starman for the first time on TOTP.

After the three hour Bowie-fest yesterday, @RobertElms simply played Life on Mars on Tuesday morning.


Online conversations with Anna about butts followed.

We are having issues with our over-flowing butt.

Hey hoe.

I picked up a run of unexpected work shifts to see me through all the way into the evening.

It was bloody cold out in the estuary wilds and I didn't fancy leaving the house after a week of running my arse around South London.

I caught up with some of the telly obits from last night.

Pull yourself together, Jase. Although there's no shame in that...

I foolishly played Hunky Dory, very loudly.

Nope. That's didn't exactly help.

I watched with increasing interest the Newcastle Vs Man Utd match later in the evening.

Football. Bloody hell, etc.

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