Plan A for Monday morning was for a lovely lido swim.

Except it was drizzling and so I didn't want to take the bicycle out.

Plan B was for a run.

But then the drizzle became a downpour.

I didn't have a Plan C, but the early morning Bowie news kinda kicked in with a default plan of action: an extra long shower, listening to some songs instead.

Hey hoe.

I only managed to see Bowie once. It was one of his downward spirals ahead of another unlikely return.

I was working at the Phoenix Festival in Stratford in 199? It was the final one before the festival plug was pulled.

I don't really remember too much about it. The set was more dirty D 'n' B Dave. Even the old songs had something of a junglist-lite re-working.

But what a man.

Squeaky clean from the shower, and pruned and proper with the beard, I bused it through Brixton en route to a school day in SE21.

Flowers and candles were starting to appear at the Brixton Bowie mural. The Ritzy staff were making sure that his name was up in lights for one final time.

And then came the BEST Bowie moment of the day, if that is even possible: a school assembly in a SEN school, where the first task was to blast out Heroes at full volume and see what happened.

The lovely, lovely kids were... heroes of course.

They probably hadn't heard of Bowie, but took the opportunity to dance, clap and smile.

That would be the kind of send off that I would want.

And then on to the work.

I struggled slightly with the tech.

I'm in need of an iPhone upgrade. My 5S is increasingly becoming full of school videos and audio by lunchtime.

That's my excuse for the upgrade anyway.

I'm not sure why, but I seemed to chase the working day.

I usually know by instinct where I should be in any given school, and what I should have achieved every half hour or so.

I just about managed to pull myself up come chucking out time.

And then I had to leg it down the road to Herne Hill station to head back over there, via Farringdon.

Oh dear, etc.

I finally got round to listening to the @RobertElms Best of 2015 during the journey. My To Download list doubled.

I've got Elms and Gary Kemp on Bowie to look forward to for tomorrow morning.

Back over there and most of the evening was spent catching up whilst I've been away. Catching up with Anna, catching up with household crap, catching up with the mad cat.

Anna asked later in the evening:

"Did someone famous die today?"

Oh dear.

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