An early start to clear the decks.

I had some Brixton Buzz action to catch up on, and then bashed out some random words about the hockey from Saturday night.

You know what comes next: the LOVELY lido.

Saturday was an absolute breeze; for some reason I had a little trepidation for Sunday morning.

The water temperature had hardly moved - down .1 of degree to 7.7.

But hey - who's counting?

The lido early boys had already done there thing.

There is a definite before and after to the lido routine. You walk in to the gents a little sheepish. Those that have already put in the lengths are sky high.

Fifteen minutes later and you are the one that is insanely GRINNING at the latecomers.

I managed ten lengths for today. I could have pushed it for a couple more, but went on the side of caution.

All of the usual lido regulars dropped in at some stage. It was a very social morning.

I had some school work to finish back at base and so couldn't stick around for long.

I then tackled the South Lambeth Road garden.

Moss has appeared over the Christmas break. Plus the spring bulbs that Anna planted in October have gone BONKERS.

A quick bike clean, a window clean, and then I cycled off to SE1 for the New Bedford Rising exhibition in an arches lock up.

It was absolutely ACE.

I kinda knew what to expect, but the reality was all the more f-off pant wetting.

An added surprise was that Rockman Rock was there, working away on his latest art prank, and happy to talk with folk.

I was slightly star struck, but had a decent conversation with him about the figures and the process of creating the work.

I cycled back down to Brixton, hopeful of catching some basketball.

But I got my bloody timings all wrong.

The Topcats had tipped off at 2pm, and not 4pm when I arrived.


Hey hoe.

I had some flat housework to do, and then yet more school catching up ahead of the Monday.

Another half decent day.

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