That was a day.

I woke up on Saturday with intentions of tackling the Brockwell Park Run.

But my rather strange bodily injury that we don't talk about is still giving me a little bit of grief.

And so I wimped out.

I did manage a lovely lido swim though, along with the returning Swimmer crowd, 'fresh' from their morning of four outdoor swims in London, with a half marathon thrown in for good measure.


I was proud of my 12 lengths of Brockwell blue, completed just as a Transpontine rainbow started to appear over in Herne Hill.

I cycled back to Sunny Stockwell, ate some porridge, did some push-ups, yet still couldn't stop shivering.

Oh dear.

I worked out that it was warmer outside than inside the flat. Two years in and we still haven't got round to installing the new radiators.


And so I went out for a walk instead.

It was my usual photo walk along Stockwell Road and through to Brixton.

It may sound boring, but the landscape is changing at such a pace. I like to capture these changes.

I had a pleasant surprise bumping into @brixtonalex. We had a charming chat.

Top fella.

I foolishly wandered into Pop Brixton.

THIS JUST IN: It's still bollocks, Comrades.

Far more enjoyable was the Black Cultural Archives. I deliberately gave the place a miss for the first year or so, waiting for it to bed down before passing an opinion.

The Black Georgian exhibition is simply stunning.

The level of detail in the story telling is incredible. For anyone who has an interest in radical social history, then the Black Cultural Archives is worth an hour at least of your tine.

And then I kept on walking.

All the way to Champion Hill.

The plan was to bus it over to Dulwich, but I think it was probably quicker to walk.

The game itself was ACE. The crowd was amazing.

A 2-0 home victory in front of 2,500 fans.

What the chuffers happened there?

I did a runner just before full time, Streatham bound from East Dulwich station.

The Redskins were at home against Cardiff. The ease of travelling from Champion Hill to Streatham via train was simply too good to turn down.

It was a cagey first period, and then the hockey game picked up.

A half-hearted attempt at a bench clearance almost broke out at the final buzzer.

I bussed it back to Sunny Stockwell, and had a loo through some of the photos captured whilst out and about.

That was a day.

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