More Wordpress woe - and resolutions - to start off Friday morning.


The b0rk-ness from late last night was resolved across two of my sites.

I'm still not entirely sure how. The front and back ends were both visible - it's just that accessing them via as established url's went a little wonky.

Bloody permalinks.

But yeah - back in business, and slightly nervous for each time that Wordpress rolls out an auto update.

I celebrated un-b0orking the b0rk-ness by cycling off to Lake Brockwell.

It was beautiful.

This was my first swim back at the waters of the lovely lido since the Christmas break. The temperature had finally managed to drop below 10 degrees to a comfortable 7.8.

That's more like it.

Half a length down the lido and my body had made up for the lost three weeks.

With perfect timing, the South London sun rose from the Tulse Hill end of the park, just as I splashed down at the end of the first length.

I confess to having a bit of a Brockwell moment...

Not for too long, mind.

I had travel tales to swap with le gai pensionnaire in the gents, and then had to do a runner to be back in SW9 for a school assembly.

It was another first day back since the break over in SW9.

It was reassuring to find that I seemed to just slip back into the routine.

Lunchtime was ACE.

Boy Y asked me if I get paid to play Connect 4 with him.

I think that he is paid to beat me each time to be honest.

And then I did some Gangnam dancing.

Which was nice.

I headed out east in the evening.

London Lions Vs L****er Riders in the BBL Trophy was on the agenda.

I rather enjoyed the occasion, although I do miss the London Towers terribly.

Isn't it a bloody schlep out to Stratford?

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