A very early auto warning from Wordpress that one of my sites was b0rked.

The day would end in a similar way.


I could bloody do without this on a day when I am running my arse around a South London school.

I sensibly decided to leave the early morning warning, get showered and dressed and make sure that I made the train.

I managed this, although the train didn't manage me.

A platform change at Colchester with the initial train now grounded; and then ten minutes sitting on a second stationary train, only to be told that the first train was now active once again.

And it was pissing it down in not so Sunny Colch.

Oh joy.

All I want to do is to get back to South London, in oh so many ways...

I finally managed this, about half an hour behind schedule.

It was the first day back in SE17 for me for the new term.

It was lovely seeing friendly folk once again, but I just wanted to make up for lost time.

I just about got there by the end of the day.

The rain meant that I was foot loose and bicycle free.

I walked back to Sunny Stockwell.

And then I sat down for the evening to try and overcome the bloody Wordpress buggy bugs.

Oh yeah - they became plural.

I fixed the early morning problem with a bit of plugin tinkering.

But then I found out that two more sites are b0rked following the auto Wordpress update overnight.

In days gone by I would have tried (and failed) to find a solution until 3am.

Not so today.

Ignoring the first early morning bug worked.

I'm doing the same for the other two and sleeping on them.

Lovely lido tomorrow.

That should put me in a better mood.

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