A 7am work shift, Late Junction, and then packing Anna off to South London.

Lucky girl.

I was left with the 8:30am swimming option out in the estuary wilds.

The Trail was hard and fast - the way that I like it.

My MTB tyres were pumped up to the max PSI.

It was a good ride.

Forty lengths in the pool, and then another high pressure PSI ride back to base for more work.

@RobertElms and the Rock 'n' Roll Routemaster had a wonderful chat about Shaky. I particularly liked the early years and his history in the Young Communist League.

The mad cat was a chatty as ever as she dozed off on the BT box.

I took my opportunity to worm her. I failed badly.

I cut up a cactus instead.

We've had the cactus since the original South Lambeth Road days back in the 90's. It's grown from one shoot to half a dozen.

And then just before Christmas, one of the prickly phallic things went a little limp and started to wobble.

Oh dear.

I gave it the snip late afternoon.

I've been reading around cactus restoration. The plan is to add a little life back into the drooping offshoot.

The circle will be complete when I return it back to South Lambeth Road.

I caught up with the four hour Boxing Day CHOONS with Gilles Peterson whilst working the afternoon shifts.

It's been an ACE year for music. ALL winners.

I finished off The Chronic Review of 2015 early evening, and then settled down for the Sunderland Vs Liverpool match.

I conveniently forgot to try and worm the mad cat once again.

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