A slowly, slowly back into the work routine for Tuesday.

Very slowly.

An early morning shift, a swim, and then more work.

That was about your lot for today.

The cycle along the Trail was stunning. The tranquility was almost over-powering.

A spring dragon fly took an interest in my body heat on the way back.

Strange days, Comrades.

I caught the final few overs of the Test match ahead of more work.

It genuinely felt like mid-summer, rather than a few days past the winter solstice.

I resisted the urge to sunbathe on the sodden garden lawn.

We published the Brixton Buzz Review of 2015 today. It's a piece of writing that I 'm rather proud of - not so much for the prose, but such the scope that a three-man team can put together.

I dug out The Human's League Dare late afternoon. I've no idea why. Possibly something to do with first hearing this during Christmas 1981?

As with most synth-pop, it sounds slightly dated.

To my surprise my download included The League Unlimited Orchestra remix album tagged along at the end - a far superior listen.

I had some fiddly file updates to complete early evening.

My list of WP plugins NOT to update is growing.

I found out the hard way this evening by updating a plugin for a school site. It completely b0rked the menu.

Thankfully I had a non-corrupt version sitting on the server of another school site.

Job's a good 'un.

And then y'know: darts / football, but NO booze.


7am work start tomorrow.

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