A 7am work shift on Bank Holiday Monday. No worries - it would cover the cost for my day of leisure ahead.

Work was actually incredibly busy, with the expected fall out following the Christmas period.

Anna and I then cycled down a sun-blessed Trail for a morning swim.

The Trail was absolutely deserted at 8am, except for a squirrel who chose to stand in the path of my MTB by the woods.

Cheers, fella.

The pool wasn't so quiet.

I was forced into a lane with Anna, and forced to race her.

She won.

Blame the cheese intake from the night before.

West Ham Wanker was holding court in the gents. My ears were full of water, and so thankfully I was spared.

We cycled on to Sunny Colch, and a 10:15am date at the Odeon for The Force Awakens.


The bloody trailers were LOUD and out of focus.

We then looked around, and saw that everyone else in the cinema was wearing a pair of shades.


Anna then clocked that we had booked into a bloody 3D screening.


The Force Awakens was about to start, and we were looking at red and green blobs, rather then the most anticipated movie of the year.

I legged it back down to the reception to buy a pair.

I then walked into the wrong screen, walking around looking for Anna.

I'm not sure what shit I was watching. Last time I looked the Republic didn't wear traditional Elizabethan costumes.


The Force Awakens was of course ACE. In years gone by I would have bashed out a blog post. But there are far better critics to do this than me.

There was an extreme sense of deja vu, with The Force Awakens essentially being a remake of a New Hope.

We walked out of the Odeon shortly after midday, just as a young Stormtrooper was entering for the matinee screening.

Top work, fella.

And then I bought a pair of wellies.

LIVE the dream, etc.

We stayed around Sunny Colch for a short while doing the photography thing, and then a trip across town to see the Dodds exhibition at Firstsite.

The cycle all the way back to base was a little wobbly with me carrying the wellies.

We made it back in time to catch the final session of the Test match.

Some more work shifts, and then you know the rest: football, darts, BOOZE.

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