A rare early morning walk out to Brightlingsea and beyond with Anna.

Usually we start these rambles after luncheon, and then end up chasing the last remaining rays of sun light before it all goes a little Blair Witch in the woods.

We decided to just attempt one thing on Sunday, and that would be a leisurely walk.

Well, well, well - there's a bloody river along the route. Fancy that. We've never seen that before with our heads down as we make haste to the Brightlingsea boozer.

The weather leaving Wivenhoe wasn't great.

I tried to do the photo thing, but spent more time fretting over my damp lens.

It cleared up once we reached the Creek. The the cross-country trek around the back of Brightlingsea was positively balmy.

The luxury of time to take it all in was welcome.

We approached Brightlingsea from some back streets, and then weaved our way down to the harbour.

The tide was bloody high. Walking along the foot ferry pontoon was a little like a fairground House of Fun ride from back in the day.

BOOZE was on the agenda. But neither of us was really up for it.

Instead we dined on tea and cake in a local cafe.

It should have been fine for the bus journey back to the base.

Except the bloody bus didn't turn up.


An hour later and we were cold and tired, but boarding the fun bus back to Wivenhoe, just in time for the start of the Forest Vs Dirty Leeds match.

Bloody Dirty Leeds.

I edited the photos, and then organised my costume for the evening entertainment.

Oh dear.

Costumes and acting are something that I just don't do.

But a very kind invite to a house party required an element of both.

Plus some Christmas singing come the close.

I was pretty crap at the acting, but enjoyed bellowing out some festive songs.

Back to work tomorrow morning.

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