Trapped once again for Christmas Day morning.

So much for the 7am run.

Instead I had the mad cat taking up her morning spot on my chest. Those claws 'aint getting any softer.

And so it was an 8am plod around the mean streets of Sunny Colch instead.

The plan was for the usual 8km route. I found my rhythm by the University, and so kept on running.

All the way down to the Big Red Boat, and then back up by the University.

12km. Happy with that.

What now?

A bloody walk?


Anna was really up for it. We had both seen the estuary wilds weather forecast. It wasn't looking too clever.

As soon as we left the house it started to drizzle.

We got down to the Quay and it became slightly heavier.

Halfway across a field in Gawd knows where, and it became a downpour.


But it's better than staying indoors watching crap TV.

A bit of a drying out back at base, and some photo editing.

And then the shout went out for:

"To the BOOZER!"


Actually it was two boozers.

One for booze, and one for booze and food.

Double bubble, etc.

The Greyhound was ACE.

I was in serious trouble after the main course. The belt was loosened, and I needed to take some air.

I managed the mince pie, and then we gave in with the doggy bag for the cheese.


Early evening was family catch up time, and then presents.

A South London Hardcore T-shirt, a Forest DVD and some long Johns.

I am easy to please.

We finished off a tiring, but enjoyable Christmas Day by watching the Forest DVD.

I still believe in miracles, etc.

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