A 7am work shift, and then...


A few bell ends on the Trail this morning.

It's that bicycling etiquette of Do I or Don't I ring the bloody bell?

Damned if you do, etc.

For the record: I always ring.

This usually leads to sneers from the nature lovers out doing their nature loving thing on the Trail.

Christmas Eve appeared to bring out the sneerers en masse.


Sneery look as though I have just startled the rarest of birds in the whole world

I won't bother next time, Madam. I'll just plough straight through you.

Only joking.

And so I was a little pumped up for the morning swim.

Which was unfortunate as it was a rare His 'n' Hers swimming session with Anna.

Oh dear.

I didn't engage in the aquatic duel that deep down I know that she craved for.

Enjoy your swim, luv.

Some more work back at base took me through to late afternoon.

Anna did the Christmas food shopping.

This involved buying cheese and and BOOZE.


I finally finished the Brixton Buzz Review of 2015 early evening.

SO much to fit in. Deciding what stories to leave out has been tough.

And then we spent Christmas Eve on the piss round at the neighbour's, before falling into the pub.

No DING DONG action tomorrow morning.

Have a good one.

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