The Wednesday estuary wilds weather was just BONKERS.

Bright sunshine, from dawn to dusk. Enough blue sky to make a sailor a pair of pants.

Or something.

I actually hung the washing out on the outside line early morning.

The ride along the Trail to the pool was stunning.

I was wearing my summer cycling shades. I could have got away with short sleeve lycra as well.

The swim itself was so so.

Thinking time...

Work has scaled down slightly.

I'm working up until tomorrow evening, and then back on Boxing Day.

I escaped to the garden for an hour just as the sun was setting over the estuary wilds.

I could have been sunbathing, but I had HACKING to do.

It would be a push to call it gardening. It was more like HACKING out anything that looked dead.

Which happened to be half the garden.

Plus the evergreen bloody ivy, that refuses to die.

DEATH to the ivy.

The raspberry bushes looked fallow and empty of life. These were delivering a daily harvest but three months ago.

Nature really is quite LOVELY.

A little more work, and then I played with the mad cat.

We've both done very well - over a week without Anna in the house.

Speaking of which: the girl returned from South London later in the evening. The mad cat went BONKERS.

The Brixton Buzz awards were bashed out early in the evening. As ever, we made them up as we went along...

Tell It Like It Is, etc.



Love time of year.

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