Trapped Tuesday.


Which now means that I have bloody Colonel Abrams... trapped in my head.

But yeah - I woke up Tuesday, unable to move as the mad cat had taken up her position on my chest.

She may be mad, but she is also adorable. I hadn't the heart to shift her.

When we both finally got going, she carried on with the routine.

I took up my place in my morning tea chair, and yep, the mad cat came to join me on my lap.

Anna doesn't believe a word of this. She was trapped herself over in South London.

I had some early morning work shifts, and so had to complete them trapped, cat on lap, MacBook balanced on the arm of the morning tea chair.

The morning swim was slightly delayed.

It was a strange all-male affair, with topless torsos racing up and down the pool.

I plodded along and tried not to get caught up in any internal race.

More work followed back at base. I had something of a testing day with the work tools.

I looked ahead to the New Year late afternoon with some South London planning.

Synching my here and there lifestyle with Dulwich, cricket, Critical Mass etc can be confusing.

It looks like the term dates for 2016 tie in with the London Lions home fixtures for the second half of the season.

I blagged a ticket for the L****er Riders ball game at the start of the month.

And then more Brixton Buzz end of year review action, with the ACE Gilles Peterson Worldwide Winners as my tappety tap soundtrack.

And then darts.

Booze free, as well.

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