A day jumping back and forth between different work projects.

I quite enjoyed the variety.

The estuary wilds weather was bloody awful.

I positioned myself in the office, sitting opposite the mad cat.

After keeping me awake all night with her marching on my chest, I repaid the favour by allowing her to listen in on my work conversations.

Sweet dreams, luv.

I tried to delay heading out for as long as possible. But I had a few pre-Christmas errands to run.

I ventured out just before the Solstice dusk, down to the Quay to deliver some cards, and then back up towards the top of the town for milk and cat food.

I get paranoid this time of the year that we will run out of both on Christmas Day.

Some early plans for 2016 were put in place later in the afternoon. Meetings about meetings. But I'm pretty excited.

I went back to my indie routes early evening. Inspired by @richardgallon's annual Christmas podcast, I fired up iTunes, and our came... The Wedding Present.

Well I never.

Bizarro hasn't aged well to be honest.

I took the only rational course of action, and turned to The Jesus and Mary Chain instead.

There. Thats better.

I got my head down with the Brixton Buzz review of the year. I made it as far as May.

I don't think that we are in for a happy ending, Comrades...

And then a mixture of darts / the Arsenal Vs Man City match.

Anna kept on sending me pics of her rather large glasses of red that were being served up first class, as she sped from one end of the country to the other.

It seemed rude not to join the girl in her rude health.

Chin chin.

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